LED Lights and Marijuana Grow Lights

Can I make my business both environmentally friendly and reduce operational cost?

Yes, most definitely! A good place to start is with an Energy Audit, to determine how the company uses energy, and where the potential environmentally friendly savings are.

This energy audit has many recommendations, where should we start?

Typically, for small and medium size commercial facilities 75 – 85% of the energy used is for lighting, heating, and cooling. That being said, lighting is a good place to start, followed by the heating and cooling system. Cost effective solutions that are more efficient are constantly being developed and improved.

LED vs Induction – which is better? When should we use LED and when should we use Induction?

They are both solid technologies that should be used for the right applications. In general, the LED fixtures work very well in applications requiring focused light in a specific direction. In general, the induction fixtures work very well in applications requiring light to fill spaces (i.e. spread). Both have very long life spans, compare to other lights.

How much can I save using LED or Induction?

You can reduce the required energy by 50-60%, and maintain current light output levels or increase them by up to 15%.

What about the cost?

Most of the power companies are offering incentives to encourage businesses to upgrade the equipment to more efficient ones. With these incentives the average lighting project has a simple payback of under 1.5 years, and the heating and cooling project of under 3 years.