Diamond White Sports Lighting

dwlightsDiamond White Sports Lights consist of two 250 watt D shaped patented induction lamps. The lamps are mounted in a round 30” fixture with two ballasts mounted on the bottom of the fixture.

These lights are lightweight and easy to install. They and be used in either direct or indirect depending on application.

Compared to traditional 1000 watt HID lamps currently being used in most in facilities the DWSL out preforms traditional metal halide not only in visible light, but also reduce energy cost by 50%.


  • Instant on / off
  • Modular construction – bulbs and ballasts are replaceable
  • 100,000-hour lamp life – 5 times as long as metal halide
  • Diamond White Sports Lights5 year limited warranty on entire fixture
  • Superior light quality over 1000 watt HID
  • 50% energy savings over 1000 watt HID lamps
  • Maintains lumen output over 90% for 5 years vs metal halide which maintains lumen output over 90% for only 2 months

Diamond White Sports Lights Spec Sheet